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Outreach & Engagement

preparation service

Services examples

Monitoring and intelligence gathering

Drafting detailed reports on policy issues important to your organisation, e.g. Dutch positions regarding the EU agenda.

Analysis & strategy development
Analysing the development of the positions of policy and decision-makers in particular areas of interest. Advising on the right engagement  strategy for your organisation.


(Re)framing organisations in the public arena. Analysis and advise on reframing your organizations goals based on outside-in information in order to gain more support from strategic (business) partners.


Connecting people & liaison services
Forming quality contacts for your organisation; Government Relations and more.


Crisis and issues management
In circumstances where a crisis or issue has political origins we provide responsive support and counsel. E.g. a speech of an MP or city council member with a negative statement on your home country or business.


Advocacy services
Developing behind the scenes public affairs campaigns (stakeholder outreach) and/or public diplomacy activities reaching out to decision makers with the help of key opinion leaders and third party advocates.

Corporate geopolitics

​How to act in a sensible and responsible way during times of (perceived) uncertainty in areas of climate, energy and cyber security

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