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Government Relations

Political Outreach & Engagement

Foreign Affairs Support offers assistance in the areas of Political Communications, International Relations and Public Diplomacy. Sharing information among politicians, civil servants, media and public.

We help you to bring your message across in local markets and engage with stakeholders.

  • Local liaison services

  • International Relations

  • EU Affairs
  • Geopolitics for business 

  • Brexit preparedness

Companies, embassies, international organisations and NGOs can sometimes use the help of a local political engagement expert to advise on engagement in a particular country. A thorough understanding of the political landscape and public sensitivities can help to determine the right tactical approach in particular markets.

Incorporate geopolitical developments in corporate decision making. How to act in a sensible and responsible way during times of (perceived) uncertainty in areas of climate, energy and cyber security? Not just the next phase of smart corporate and social responsibility (CSR).

Government Relations
Government Relations
Government Relations

'No man is an island, Entire of itself.'
John Donne

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